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Is your commercial garage door difficult to open? If it seems heavier than usual, the culprit is probably a broken spring. BDC Door can help to diagnose and repair a number of common problems, including garage door spring replacement and upgrades. Don’t struggle with a heavy door or risk your safety with an over-stressed spring; call us today to replace your garage door spring!

Identifying a Broken Torsion Spring

On their own, overhead and sectional doors can be extremely heavy, often weighing several hundred pounds. To balance this weight and make it possible to lift the door by hand, the weight is counter-balanced with a heavy, tightly-wound torsion spring. In residential garage doors, a single spring serves this purpose. In commercial garage doors, however, several springs may work together, and they are sometimes housed out of sight.

This means that you may not immediately notice a broken or damaged spring. However, if your door is suddenly difficult to open or feels heavier than usual, you probably need garage door spring replacement. Our technician can confirm this and handle the repair.

Quality Garage Door Spring Replacement

Because industrial garage door springs are under so much stress, it is not safe to attempt their replacement on your own. Garage door spring replacement requires specialized tools and technique, and the technicians at BDC Door are equipped to handle these repairs swiftly and safely.

Don’t waste time struggling with a hard-to-open door. Call BDC Door today for garage door spring replacement and other repairs to keep your industrial doors in top shape.

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