Common Garage Door Issues to Watch Out for in New Mexico’s Cold Weather | 505.858.1017

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Although New Mexico experiences milder winters compared to some regions, there are still common garage door issues to be aware of during colder weather:

Frozen Garage Door: While New Mexico winters are generally mild, a frosty morning can still freeze the weather stripping to the ground. Use salt or a de-icing solution to prevent this from happening.

Sluggish Operation: Due to New Mexico’s dry climate, lubricate the moving parts of your garage door to prevent them from drying out and becoming sluggish.

Damaged Weather Stripping: Inspect and replace weather stripping as needed to maintain a proper seal and keep out dust and drafts.

Garage Door Spring Issues: The fluctuation in temperatures in New Mexico can affect the performance of garage door springs. If you notice any issues, such as balance problems or loud noises, schedule a professional inspection from BDC Doors for a potential repair.

By staying proactive and addressing these common issues, you can ensure that your garage door remains dependable and functional during the winter season.