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For over a decade, BDC Door has been Albuquerque’s authority on commercial doors and loading dock equipment. We are committed to providing quality service, and we sell equipment from the top brands in the business. Whether you’re outfitting a new loading dock or need repairs/replacement of your existing equipment, our technicians can help you choose the best solution for your needs.

The Importance of Dock Boardsloading dock boards

Dock plates, boards and levelers all serve essentially the same purpose: They provide a smooth transition from the back of the truck to the loading dock itself. This is important for the efficiency and safety of your loading/offloading. By creating a stable, smooth surface to drive equipment on, they reduce the risk of accidents caused by trailer creep or mismatched truck and dock heights.

Depending on your needs, dock boards, levelers, loading ramps or lifts – or a combination – may be appropriate. Our team can help you identify the best solutions for your needs and budget.

Dock Equipment and More

Dock plates and boards are just one of the many pieces of loading dock equipment available from BDC Door. And unlike other companies, which may specialize in just one type of equipment or service, we are a full-service door repair and installation company. We can handle every aspect of your loading dock, from installing the sectional door to outfitting it with the dock bumpers, lifts and levelers you need for safety and convenience.

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