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As a business owner, safety and efficiency are always your top priorities. At BDC Door, we strive to help you achieve both goals by offering quality doors and loading dock equipment for your commercial and industrial needs. We understand the risks and demands of warehouses and stockrooms, and we will work with businesses to find the right solution to eliminate risks, maximize efficiency and remain within budget.

The Importance of Adequate Dock Lighting

Dock lights allow you to expand your loading and unloading times to any hour of the day or night. Proper illumination reduces the risk of accident or injury, and it also reduces your risk of product damage. Powerful dock lighting that can penetrate the trailer enables you to quickly identify whether any product has been left behind. All of this works together to boost the efficiency and reduce loading times.

Featuring energy-efficient LED bulbs, our dock lighting is bright and strong without generating too much heat or using too much electricity. This allows you to keep your loading dock well-lit all night if necessary without worry.

Quality Service and Equipment

Why would you work with separate contractors and equipment dealers to put together your loading dock when a single experienced company could handle it all? BDC Door has over 50 years of combined experience in the business, and our technicians are experts on commercial doors and loading dock equipment.

From planning and installing the doors in your loading dock to outfitting the dock with safety-boosting equipment, we can handle every step without the hassles of dealing with multiple companies. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule service with one of our experienced team members!

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