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As a business owner, the safety of your workers is a top priority. That’s why BDC Door offers loading dock equipment designed to protect your employees and stock. By eliminating some of the risks associated with loading/unloading from your dock, we can help you to improve efficiency and have a safer work environment.

Why You Need Truck Restraints

During the loading/unloading process, the trailer can shift for a variety of reasons, creating risk of accident and injury. Some problems include:

  • The weight of the forklift causing the trailer to tip forward or back.
  • The driver pulls away while equipment is still moving between the trailer and the loading bay.
  • The forklift’s weight pushing the trailer away from the dock.
  • The trailer’s landing gear collapsing, leading to the trailer falling or tilting.

Trailer creep and other vertical and horizontal movement create the potential for dangerous gaps. Keeping the trailer safely secured with dock locks and truck restraints prevents these hazards and allows for faster, safer loading.

For improved safety and efficiency, we can also provide you with dock levelers, ramps and lifts.

Albuquerque’s Commercial Solutions

Truck restraints are just one of the many safety-conscious dock equipment solutions provided by BDC Door. We are a full-service door company providing installation and maintenance of commercial and industrial doors and loading equipment.

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