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BDC Door handles every aspect of garage door installation, repair and maintenance. This includes working on garage door opening systems. We can troubleshoot many common garage door opener and remote problems, and we can help you upgrade your system or replace malfunctioning hardware to keep your door working properly for safety and security.

What is a Garage Door Remote?

When you think of garage door openers, the odds are pretty good that the first thing to pop into your mind is actually the remote – that clicker or button that you keep in your car or keychain that you press to open or close the door.

In actuality, the garage door remote is just one element of the overall system. The garage door opener itself is the motor and all of its associated mechanical parts that work together to raise and lower the door. Often, when people call us with complaints about their garage door opener, it’s really the remote causing the problem. Maybe you just need the code changed – and that can mean a very quick and easy repair!

Common Garage Door Remote Problems

If you can’t get your garage door to open, one of the first things we’ll do is rule out the remote as the problem. There are several reasons that a garage door opener remote stops working, from dead batteries to problems with the receiver. Generally, the issue is caused by something interfering with the communication between the remote, the receiver and the motor.

Restoring Your Garage Door Opener

If your garage door opener is giving you problems, don’t put off repairs. Call BDC Door today; our experienced technicians will take the time to assess the situation and diagnose the problem. If we need to, we’ll order replacement parts. Otherwise, we’ll work quickly to complete repairs and make your door as good as new.

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