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Having a properly working garage door isn’t just a matter of convenience – it’s also an issue of safety and security.

The garage is a point-of-entry for many homes, and a good garage door serves to keep invaders at bay. If the garage opener stops working correctly, your home’s security can be at risk. Similarly, a broken or malfunctioning garage door can pose a safety risk to your family, especially children and pets who could be injured by a falling door.

That’s why BDC Door recommends routine garage door maintenance and tune-ups to keep the garage door in proper working order.

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Garage Safety Home Checklist

For the safety and security of your home, there are a few factors you should always pay attention to:

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Routine Garage Door Maintenance from BDC Door

We can handle many routine maintenance tasks that will keep your door in proper working order, including:

When we complete these maintenance tasks, we’ll be able to spot any problems before they get worse, necessitating more complex and expensive repairs. Routine garage door maintenance is an important way to protect your family and save some money on repair bills!

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