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BDC Door is more than a garage door company. We specialize in a variety of commercial doors for security and access control for your business. This includes security shutters for store front or counter. Whether you need storm shutters to protect against wind and weather, or protection for your storefront against vandals, we can help.

Security Shutters vs Grilles

When it comes to access control and security for your business, you have several options. Our technicians can help you choose the best door for your needs, taking into account the material strength, size, ease of entry and more.

We can install and repair both security grilles and shutters. Whereas grilles are made of metal links, providing a see-through mesh or cage-like appearance, shutters are generally more solid. Most security shutters are designed to roll up or fold, storing overhead when not in use. Security shutters are available in stainless and galvanized steel as well as aluminum.

Aside from added security for your storefront or counter, security shutters also provide shelter from the elements. They can act as a buffer against wind, hail and other weather, protecting glass storefronts and other vulnerable areas of your premises.

Installation, Service and Repair

If you need new security shutters installed in your business, we can help. We can also handle repairs and upgrades for your existing shutters. Just give us a call to speak with one of our experienced technicians. We will arrange for an inspection to diagnose any problems and provide you with a free quote for service before beginning any work.

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