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Strip curtains are key to maintaining the right environment in your business’s cold storage or warehouse areas. They work to keep out dust, debris and pests without inhibiting the movement of your employees and equipment. These low-tech but effective solutions are one of the many commercial doors we can service at BDC Door.

How Strip Doors Work

Strip curtains or strip doors are made from strips of lightweight vinyl PVC. These strips are heavy enough to keep out flying insects, dust, debris and other contaminants. They’re also weather-resistant and insulating, reducing energy expenditures through the loss of cold in your climate-controlled storage areas.

However, these lightweight strips do not impede the movement of forklifts and other machinery, allowing for easy access to your storage areas or stockroom. And as a low-tech solution, they do not rely on energy expenditure or automation to provide access – saving you money and hassle in the heavily trafficked areas of your storeroom.

Full-Service Commercial Door Company

BDC Door has been servicing Albuquerque’s commercial and residential door needs for over a decade. We can handle all of your commercial door needs, from planning and installing new doors in your business to maintaining and upgrading existing technology.

If your commercial kitchen or industrial storage space requires strip curtains, loading dock equipment or other specialty doors, count on us to handle the job quickly and at the right price! We pride ourselves on the quality of our customer service and workmanship.

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