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BDC Door is Albuquerque’s Best Door Company for commercial and residential door services. We handle every type of garage door, from sectional overhead doors and coiling roll-up doors to specialty products like fire and impact doors.

As garage door contractors, we are qualified to work on door installation, maintenance, repair and replacement. If you need a broken door replaced or want an upgrade for your business, we can help!

Repairs and Replacement

If your commercial door breaks down, you need swift repair to get you back in business. Don’t wait for the broken door to slow productivity down or pose a security risk; call BDC Door right away to set things right.

Some repairs can be completed easily. However, some damage requires replacement of broken parts of the entire door. We will let you know after an initial inspection what the best course of action will be and how much the repairs will cost. If you do need a replacement door, we can discuss your options and see whether an upgrade might be appropriate for your needs.

Why Upgrade?

Garage door technology is more complex than you might think, and it’s constantly changing. And while a simple roll-up door may be appropriate for many purposes, your business may have special considerations that warrant a more specialized piece of technology.

For example, a high-speed fabric door is the right choice for entryways to climate-controlled areas; by working quickly, it can seal off areas like commercial refrigerators and maintain their temperatures. Fire doors, which are designed to shut automatically under certain high temperatures, can boost the safety of particular buildings.

If you are wondering whether a replacement or upgrade is right for you, contact our technicians today. We will be happy to discuss your options and provide a free quote for service!

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