Should You Buy a Used Garage Door? The Answer Might Surprise You. | 505.858.1017

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Spring and summer are here and you’re probably thinking about replacing your garage door. With that, you’re also thinking about what it’s going to cost you. It’s no secret that times are tough, and money is tight. It may seem like a good idea to save a few bucks any place you can, but not when it comes to buying a garage door.

That means no, you shouldn’t buy a used garage door. Here’s why:

It could end up costing more

Unless you’re handy, you may not be able to repair the used garage door if something is wrong with it. After all, it wasn’t in use for a reason. This could cost you more since you need to either pay for a new door or pay for a repair technician to come and fix it. That’s why in the long run it’s best to just buy new.

Your home or businesses’ aesthetic could be off

Think about it for a second. When you purchase a used garage door, the cost is the only thing you have in mind. The design, and whether it matches your current home or business aren’t always at the forefront of your mind. It is always best to have a professional garage door technician help you find a brand-new garage door design that best suits your tastes.

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